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The establishment of the Cluster took place on November 27, 2008, in Palma de Mallorca. The main objectives of the Cluster are to create a meeting place for economic and social agents, public administrations, research centers and other entities with interests linked to the sea, promote the development of the Balearic maritime sector, stimulate activities that have the sea as reference, promote training and ensure the creation of an adequate legal framework to strengthen maritime activities that have the Balearic Islands as their scope of action, without neglecting actions that may be carried out outside the territory. The CMLIB specifies its objectives such as launching joint actions in the maritime field to boost competitiveness, face the technological challenges derived from environmental regulations, create cooperation projects, increase the international presence and image of the Balearic maritime sector and its companies, promote access to innovation and new companies or promote busines s training and specialized personnel.


The CWP is formed by more than 120 entities working on the sustainable use of water and The CWP is continuously looking for establishing strategic alliances with companies and centers of knowledge from any part of the world, to identify business and R&D opportunities that bring all together to a worldwide advanced position in the global market. The mission of the CWP is to promote, contribute and facilitate innovative practices related to R&D and external promotion, as well as strengthening the competitiveness position of Catalan companies and/ or entities related to the water sector and the sustainable use of water in the global market. The vision of the Catalan Water Partnership is to become one of the world's leading water clusters fostering technology, competitiveness, and innovation for the sustainable use of water. The CWP works from an innovative approach and with an international vision. Thus, to identify opportunities that bring us together to a worldwide advanced, we are continuously looking for establishing strategic alliances with companies and centers of knowledge from any part of the world.


The National Technological Cluster Blue Italian Growth was established in 2017 within the framework of the 12 Italian Technological Clusters envisaged by the National Italian Research Plan 2015 - 2020, with a large group of Universities and Public Research Bodies which in various ways deal with the sea and with the presence of various companies and territorial aggregations. The purpose of the Cluster is the development and consolidation of a national network in the Blue Economy, in line with what is defined by the National Research Program 2015 - 2020, approved by CIPE with a resolution of 1 May 2016, for generate, with the intersection of public and private research, opportunities for technological and innovative development for the marine and maritime industrial system of Italy. To pursue these purposes, the association proposes itself as a structure open to the incremental participation of all national ac tors interested in the issues of Blue Growth, with the aim of creating a single aggregative reality of national value (community), capable of being effectively representative of the reference sector from an international perspective, and as a meeting point with regional and national administrations. Today BIG gathers together +90 members among SMEs, Large Companies, Universities, Research Centers and Associations.


The Strategis Maritime ICT Cluster (SMICT) located in Piraeus with a global perspective, includes a network of companies, public and private organizations, research & academic institutions, and other stakeholders from the Greek Shipping Hub that focuses on emerging technologies enabling the Digital Shipping, Smart Ports, and sustainable growth in the Blue Economy.

With the vision to become a world-class maritime cluster & technology flagship of the Greek Shipping industry in the Shipping 4.0 era, Strategis offers 21st century maritime services and synergies for growth enabling Smart Sea – sustainable business opportunities. The mission of Strategis is to create effective business ecosystems in Digital Shipping and the Blue Economy; expand the competitive advantage of Greek Shipping; and contribute to the sustainable development of the Marine & Maritime sector in the Southeastern Europe (SEE) region and the Mediterranean. Strategis also supports mechanisms facilitating cooperation between local research, SMEs, the public sector, and social organizations to stimulate innovation & entrepreneurship, leading the way to 4-helix clustering.

To achieve the strategic objective of consolidating shipping and Blue Economy as a key factor of regional development, Strategis focuses on: Research and Development in frontier Maritime & Smart-Sea ICT technologies. Strategy and innovative business models for the Blue Economy. Raising the creative human capital of the region. Infrastructure development supporting smart, sustainable growth (smart sea, smart ship, smart port, and smart city technologies). International standardization activities, policies and regulations facilitating efficient collaboration of stakeholders in the innovation ecosystem.


University of Patras (UPatras) will valorize its vast experience in leading and participating in numerous research, innovation and regional development projects to improve the resilience of the involved stakeholders with special focus on the clusters and SMEs in IKAT project. UPatras will engage members of networks in which UPatras is a member and networks and innovation hubs with whom UPatras is collaborating to create new value chains interlinkages. UPatras will bring to the project the connection with the market since it supports and consults several business support organizations and chambers of commerce and industry. UPatras has developed, during past project, a variety of strategic documents and methodologies as well as innovative tools to improve the capacity of SMEs and clusters acting in several sectors. These lessons learnt and experiences gained will be transferred in IKAT project, reinforcing greener and more digital business operations of the SMEs and clusters to be supported by IKAT project. UPatras general aim, through its organization role, is to support the transition to a more circular, sustainable, and digital economy. UPatras is experienced in designing and implementing training activities along with workshops and seminars, to foster the improvement of knowledge and digital skills of different types of stakeholders supporting their business development and the establishment of spin-offs and start-ups, fighting against unemployment, especially for young people and women. Through its networks, UPatras will give international visibility to IKAT activities and will connect the involved SMEs and clusters with other relevant stakeholders acting in EU and beyond. UPatras will support the communication and dissemination activities through its channels.

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ADRAL has a multidiscilinariy team with a long experience in European projects and in direct work with SME, entrepreneurs, Public and private institutions in the region Alentejo and in Europe. We have 66 shareholders (public and private). ADRAL will bring to the project its experience related to the support of business and business internationalization and in the management of regional partnerships with business actors, which can create added value to the IKAT Project. We have as shareholders and regional partners the principal Institutions in Tourism sector as well as Business Supporters. We are running 3 projects related with Tourism and Blue economy, in regional level and in international level. ADRAL have 4 offices in the Alentejo region and is involved in different networks that can be useful for the project. We also contribute for the Smart Specialization Strategy where Sustainable Tourism is one of the domains chosen by the region. As a multisector institution ADRAL can work with all the value chain in Tourism sector. ADRAL can be important to boost the networking at regional level as well as in European level due to the fact of being part of the principal networks at regional level and of important networks at European level, like EURADA and ERRIN. ADRAL have many experience in promoting innovation and technology, contributing to the transferability from the Universities and research and technological centres to companies and society. ADRAL is also the host entity of a Europe Direct Centre and is focused in European compromises of promoting the adoption of processes and technologies to reinforce transformation into a greener and more digital economy.

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 The Canary Islands Maritime Cluster (hereinafter CMC) is a non - profit business association of the regional marine - maritime sector of the Canary Islands. Progress is made on October 12, 2008. Its main objective is to promote the development and international competitiveness of the Canary Islands maritime sector through the integration, creation, strengthening and sustainability of companies and agents that are within the value chain of the maritime sector, promoting their international presence and increase its technological and innovative level. Its group’s 81 members: 3 public administrations, 2 R & D & I agents, 5 business associations, 4 consultants, 1 bank, 1 university, 4 training centers and 61 companies (57 SMEs and 4 large companies). Its business areas integrate agents of the marine - maritime value chain such as: ship repair, maritime transport, port services, marine biotechnology, recreational and sports boating, fishing and aquaculture, tourism, marine renewable energies, and auxiliar y maritime services.

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